Apr 232011

If it’s critical to you, you’ll want us in your corner

We have a proud tradition of over three decades of criminal law experience, involving well over 500 cases. Our clients have included some of New Zealand’s highest profile criminal cases through to hundreds of minor matters: for us no case is too big or too small.

We are the criminal law specialists. Unlike other law firms that practice across many different areas of law, we only practice criminal law: it’s all we’ve done for years. We think that our decades of dedication to the criminal law gives our clients an advantage. Maybe that’s why those who know the criminal legal system best choose us.

We know that the Court and Police processes can be intimidating. If you’re anxious about criminal charges, we can give you the clarity you need. In most cases a simple phone call is all we need to outline the Court steps and your legal options. Professional responsibility is something we take very seriously, this is why our firm’s policy is:

      1. to make sure you talk directly to a criminal lawyer (not a para legal or secretary)
      2. to provide this initial call entirely free of charge; and
      3. to give this advice entirely free of any expectation that you will continue to use our services.

If you need accurate, confidential legal advice you can contact our team any time during business hours, or email us at any time that suits you.

 Antunović Law Criminal Lawyers Wellington